Mitch Burningham

Mitch has been with Intermountain H-D since 2003.  He started in our Salt Lake store and is now the Service Manager in South Valley.  Mitch enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs and doing just about anything outdoor related.

Max Larou

Max started as a lowly wash dog in 2015.  He is now a service writer. In his free time he’s jamming to the Grateful Dead on his sportster.

Bryce Carey

Bryce has been at South Valley H-D since 2015.  In his free time Bryce enjoys blasting birds. Women love him, dudes hate him, and pheasants fear him.

Jeff Ipson

Jeff has been at South Valley H-D since 2013.  When he’s not working on bikes he’s riding them.

Randy Ruby

Randy Ruby

Chad Smith

Chad is our newest technician.  He started in 2018.

The credibility of our Service Department is absolutely astounding. Specializing in stock and high performance Harley-Davidson, we are equipped to make your bike suitable for you and your taste. We have top factory-trained technicians on duty during all business hours.

We honor all warranty work and favor any recalls. We accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in an efficient, precise, and timely manner.

Service Recommendations and Delivery

Please call our Service Department at to schedule your service work.